Business Energy Plans


Agera Energy Means Business

Our Electricity, Natural Gas, and Efficiency products were built with business users in mind.

Our business customers main concern is on their bottom line, so that’s where our story begins, on common ground.

Agera Energy specializes in Commercial, Industrial and Institutional customers. Whether you are the smallest Summer Ice Cream pop-up or the largest steel processer in the Midwest, or anything in between Agera Energy has a plan that’s right for you. We turn what can be complex energy decisions into simple financial solutions by focusing on what matters most – the dollars spent on electricity and natural gas for business end users.

Energy and related services can be a top three cost for commercial customers – we take these choices as seriously as you do. The hallmarks of Agera’s commercial electricity and natural gas products are product differentiation, simplicity and transparency. We begin our customer interactions by providing valuable advice for how to look at today’s marketplace and insist on looking at the finest details of how our commercial customers use energy so that our products can be tailored to specific goals and practices, not the other way around.

Agera Energy delivers the best possible combination of price, product and service – that’s why we are able to serve over 1.8 RCEs (customers) and counting. For Agera, it’s not about the quantity of customers served, although the number speaks volumes; we choose to focus on the quality of each interaction before, during and after the sale – creating fans for life – making a commodity decision fun, interactive and ultimately efficient.

Let us focus on your energy costs while you focus on what matters most – running your business.


Whether you are making energy decisions for a single location or a portfolio of properties across the United States, Agera Energy will be there to provide the options and flexibility required to make your decision-making process simple, efficient and ultimately the most cost-effective. We succeed when you succeed.

When you choose Agera you will receive:

  • Best-in-class energy products and rate structures supported by customer service second to none
  • Simple enrollment process
  • Flexible billing and reporting options, along with custom product end-dates and term lengths
  • Transparency with all products and contract terms
  • Green, Renewable Energy (Agera Pure) product options, certified by Green-e
  • Simple enrollment process for one or multiple meters across both electricity and natural gas commodities
  • Site or portfolio efficiency options that help to lower overall consumption
  • Timely notifications for renewal toward the end-date of your Agreement with Agera
  • Competitive, affordable and customized Electricity and Natural gas price structures
  • Seamless transfer of your account(s) from the local Utility or your current Supplier
  • and of course, Peace of mind that you’ve made the best choice for your retail energy supply



Two ways to become a customer. Endless ways to save!

We know that there are few easier paths to finding cost savings in energy than choosing a retail energy supplier who is focused on the things you care most about. Therefore, we encourage you to review the products and solutions we have available online and also inquire for a custom quote for commercial customers.



Want a customized experience? Look no further!

Our custom energy plans make energy-buying simple and fine-tuned to your specific needs.
With a custom quote you will receive:

  • A full report, at no cost to you, that details product and price options for your single or multi-location portfolio
  • Simple to understand product options for both Electricity and Natural gas commodity buys
  • Flexible term lengths to take into account your specific needs as a valued customer
  • Recommendations for the best time to buy, hold or switch between energy products
  • Constant analysis: we watch the market for you to ensure you buy at the right time out the gate, but then remain in the best possible position as the market marches forward
  • A dedicated customer experience team member that will guide you and your account(s) and help navigate what can be difficult energy decisions

Whether you are looking for the best combination of service, term, and price to buy right away, or you’re just in the research stage, review our business electricity plans now. You’ll quickly find out why our customers believe Agera Energy is their final choice for retail electricity supply!



Value beforehand. Not value added.

When you choose to trust Agera Energy with your Electricity and Natural Gas needs, you’ve chosen a partner who understands what it takes to operate a business. We know that you have a seemingly endless list of risks, rewards, costs and areas to create efficiency.

We aim to help you wherever we can. Agera Energy specializes in lowering operating costs on the energy front and we’ll take that worry off your shoulders so that you can tackle the next highest priority on your list. Check the box with Agera – the leader in deregulated energy supply and efficiency services.

It’s time to leverage our expansive energy experience for your business.
Business Energy Plans

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