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Switching to Agera


How does Agera compete with my utility?

We don’t! In fact, by mandate utilities in deregulated markets can’t use supply as a revenue stream.

What happens when I am an Agera customer and Agera no longer offers service in my area?

We like to think we’re here to stay, but in the unlikely event we aren’t, your account would simply default back to your utility for your energy supply and your service would continue uninterrupted.

Why do you use electronic funds transfers? Can’t I just write a check to pay my bill?

When applicable, we prefer EFT as a payment option for our dual billed customers. It is less expensive to process and often times you’ll see that difference in your plan. We take every opportunity to reduce costs so that we can provide you the best prices. Plus, EFT technology increases visibility, efficiency and security for financial transactions. That being said, we will accept other forms of payment. You can mail us a check, pay by phone, or sign up for automated payments.

Does it cost anything to switch?

No, it’s a free and seamless process and there are no enrollment fees.

Do I need to notify my utility?

No, not at all. Your utility knows us. When your enrollment is approved, we’ll inform them that you’ve switched.

Will I lose power during the switch?

Your service will continue uninterrupted. Your transition to Agera is a hassle-free seamless process.

Will I still be a customer of my utility?

Yes, your local utility owns the power lines and infrastructure that delivers your Electricity and Natural Gas to your home or business. They are responsible for maintaining that infrastructure, reading your meter and ensuring that your energy is delivered to you without interruption.


Once you are an Agera customer


What happens if there is an electrical outage or an issue with my natural gas service?

Do the same thing you’ve always done, notify your local utility and get your emergency lights. Your utility is responsible for restoring your service and they aren’t allowed to play favorites or hold out on you because you use a retail supplier.

Can I view and pay my bill online?

This feature is coming soon.

What if I have questions about my invoice?

We welcome questions and encourage you to call our outstanding Customer Care team at 844-692-4372 or send an email at customercare@ageraenergy.com

What if I want to cancel my service?

We’d hate to see you go. If you have any problems with your service simply call our customer care team at 844-692-4372 or send a written notification to customercare@ageraenergy.com and include your name, account number, and the state in which you are located. Your local utility will determine the switch date, which is typically within 30 to 60 days.

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