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Agera means ‘To Take Action.’
And, we do, for you.

Optimizing your energy worldview, one home, one business, one customer at a time.

Picture yourself in a crowded marketplace. Maybe you are shopping for tonight’s meal and decide that you hunger for something different – you’re just not sure what, exactly, you are looking for. Up and down the aisles you stroll, and you find that the longer you walk and search, the more confusing the options become. You are in the market to find something different – to try something different – to find a new favorite. The prices blend together and the products all look the same, but are they? If only there were someone to guide you – to take a look at the vast options and help you select the right combination – the combination that will satisfy you – satisfy not just your needs for tonight’s meal, but for all the meals to come.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

-Chinese Proverb


Agera Energy aims to be your guide. Instead of food, we educate and empower you to make energy decisions – for us, it’s all about kilowatt hours and therms.

We set out to change the conversation about energy supply, and enter a crowded marketplace because the costs are far too great to sit on the sidelines. Energy is a major expense for the typical homeowner and a top line-item for many businesses – with so many customers underserved by their current supplier or local utility, we saw the opportunity to be different, to look different and to serve you differently.

To our competition, you are a ratepayer. To Agera, you’re a customer, our customer, and you will be treated that way at every turn. We take this responsibility seriously, and that’s where the difference begins.


Our History

Strength in Numbers

Agera Energy was formed in 2014 as the year began. One of the worst Winters in recent memory had just turned budgets upside down for customers and retail suppliers alike. Call it fate, or luck, maybe a bit of both, but we found ourselves in one of the most opportune times to launch a retail energy supply company in history.

Customers demanded change, guidance, and protection. Retail suppliers that were underfunded and not properly situated to serve customers were putting themselves up for sale or going out of business. It was a fabulous time to watch an industry change – we dove-in, head first, to be at the forefront of that change.

Agera Energy served its first customers through acquisition of a large national retail energy supplier, and then another, and another. While pursuing as many healthy acquisitions as possible, we simultaneously trained and sent out into the marketplace our large direct sales team. Instead of beginning with energy training and sales tactics, we trained our front lines on how to best serve energy customers, guide them through decision-making processes to ensure that we are being fully transparent at every stage of the process from introduction to enrollment. We began changing the game with our very first customer interactions.

Fast forward to today, Agera Energy has amassed 1.8 million contracted RCEs (customers) – who we lovingly call our fan base. That’s about 600,000 new contracted RCEs who put their faith and trust in Agera Energy each year over the past three years. Our customer base is growing faster than any other private retail energy supplier, and for good reason – we put you first, we stand behind our products and begin every customer interaction with added value, not another sales pitch.

More than a commodity – we turn complex energy decisions into simple financial decisions.

Now that you know where we came from and who we are, let’s talk a bit about what we do for you.

At our core, Agera Energy is a retail energy supplier – we supply homes and businesses with electricity and natural gas to cook, clean, heat, work and play the day away. We serve the smallest apartments, largest industrial users, and everyone in-between with products and services designed specifically for them.

Home Energy Plans

No two users have the same cost concerns, environmental concerns, or energy needs. More importantly, no single user wants to spend an entire day or many weeks sifting through complicated products from clunky energy suppliers.

This is where we changed the game, for good.


Agera offers a one-stop-shop for energy supply, efficiency and audit services. Neatly packaged and simple to implement, our strategy is to leave our mark on your monthly invoice, not by taking invasive measures to your home or building.

Each of our products and services were designed with the most particular business customers in mind – that’s why our electricity, natural gas, efficiency and audit products work so perfectly for less complicated residential applications. Our competitors began their businesses focusing on residential customers, and then changing product names to suit commercial customers. We took the opposite approach – we refined solutions for business customers, where energy can be a top expense, and ensured that each product would provide maximum effect for residential and non-profit applications, as well.

Home Energy Plans

Agera Energy is proud to serve a truly National footprint. If you have a choice, we want to make your decision simple by offering transparent products, simple contracts and the most efficient enrollment process available. We want to set the standard for retail energy suppliers. Click here to see what some of our customers are saying about Agera today.



Our Products

Electricity & Natural Gas Supply
Customers have a choice. Agera makes it easier to choose. When your State implemented laws deregulating the energy industry and allowing retail energy choice, the power was given back to the consumer, where it belonged all along.

Agera Energy competes with other retail suppliers and the local utility to create cost-effective energy solutions, with the goal of saving customers money on the energy they use every day to power their businesses and homes. When Agera competes for your energy needs you will find that your customer service experience improves, billing options are more readily available, products are created to ensure that your electricity and natural gas costs are billed as designed and expectations are not only met, they are exceeded.

Efficiency Services
Agera Energy knows that the cheapest kilowatt-hour is the one you don’t use. To that end, we designed our energy efficiency solutions to be seamlessly joined with our retail energy supply products. Many of our efficiency solutions, namely Agera LED Lighting, can be funded by Agera and invoiced right on your monthly energy invoice. A one-two punch for lowering energy costs for the long-term.



Our mission is simple, yet profound.


Agera’s on a mission to simplify energy buying, for good. With best-in-class energy solutions that are efficiently implemented and fantastically supported, we focus on our customers so they can focus on their homes and businesses.


Thank you for visiting ageraenergy.com – stay as long as you like!

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Agera Energy is an independent retail supplier of electricity and natural gas. We are not affiliated with, nor endorsed by any local utility or state commission. Agera is licensed to sell electricity and natural gas in the state of California (ESP: 1394), Maryland (Gas: IR-3418 and Electric: IR-3417), New York, Pennsylvania (Electric: A-2014-2445416; Gas: A-2014-2445425), Virginia (Electric: E-31; Gas: G-43), Maine (Electric: 2014-00361), Rhode Island (Gas: 2379(k3); Electric: D-96-6(D7)), District of Columbia (Gas: GA 2014-14; Electric: EA 2014-25), Illinois, New Jersey (Electric: ESL-0194; Gas: GSL-0167), Massachusetts, New Hampshire (Electric: DM-14-298; Gas: DM-14-299), Ohio (Electric: 14-881E(1); Gas: 15-415G(1)). Agera is also licensed to sell electricity in Connecticut (Application of Agera Energy for an Electric Supplier License PURA Docket: 14-10-05), Delaware (Docket: 14-0506); Texas (Rep Cert: 10230). Agera does not guarantee a saving.