Utility Recovery – Utility Invoice Audits for Businesses

Recover What Your Business Deserves with Complimentary Utility Invoice Audits from Agera

Our expertise will help you from overpaying the utility for unnecessary charges.

Utility bills are often complicated which can lead to inaccurate charges. This is where our expertise can help your business recover unnecessary costs. You could be overpaying each month, and that’s where our expertise will help. We offer a complimentary review of your energy bills to ensure you are being billed properly by your utility. Our industry experience along with our direct contacts with each of the utilities across the U.S., has helped customers recover money back and saved them from overpaying going forward.


How Does the Utility Recovery Program Work?

Complimentary Review

The complimentary review process begins by collecting your utility invoices for the past three (3) years. Our review focuses on tax and rate misclassifications that have been assigned to you by your utility. This is where we typically find errors and missed opportunities.

Reach out & Connect

Once our review has been completed, we will contact the utility on your behalf and discuss the errors we have uncovered. We ensure the errors are corrected and a refund or credit is applied for the recovered costs that you have lost.

On-going Monitoring

We will monitor your monthly invoices to ensure that the corrections take effect from the point of cost recovery and going forward. Over the course of the following 36 months, we will continue monitoring your utility bills to identify any further errors as soon as they arise.


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