What is Deregulation?

Imagine two different cities.

City One

In the first city, there is only one flower shop and absolutely no competition for sales. You, the customer, are obligated to give your business to the only shop in town. If you wanted a product that they do not carry, or want a better price, you would have to settle for what they have, because there are no competitors.


City Two

In the second city, there are multiple flower shops that compete for your business in an attempt to influence your choice based on your wants and needs. Because there is more than one shop this creates competitive pricing, more options, and better customer service.

Deregulation can be summed up in one word, CHOICE.

In markets where energy is regulated, you have no choice. You must purchase your Electricity and/or Natural Gas from your Utility. However; in deregulated markets, you have the choice to purchase your energy from a retail energy supplier, of which there are many competing for your business. By giving people a choice you encourage competition. Ideally, this competition results in increased innovation, better customer care and more competitive pricing.

While most retail energy suppliers lag behind, Agera Energy is committed to raising industry standards. We’re going to raise your expectations with new exciting technologies and exceptional customer care.



How Deregulation Works