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Maryland Robotics Manufacturing Facility Chooses Responsible Energy!



Owners of a newly built manufacturing facility in Maryland were looking for an energy supplier that had products that coincided with the companies views on sustainability. The business owners were specifically looking for a REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) supported energy product.

The owners experienced previous problems with this process when at a secondary location, an unauthorized employee enrolled the business on a non REC supported product with another supplier. This fraudulent enrollment by another supplier made the company reluctant to participate in the retail energy market.




Agera often deals with customers who have been taken advantage of by other suppliers. In order to make the customer comfortable Agera assessed the needs and goals of the company. After learning that their goals with corporate sustainability, Agera was able to position their REC product to fit the client’s needs. We knew immediately that our 100% Wind product, from Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) would be the best option for this client. Our wind product is sourced nationally and audited through Green-e, a third party certification resource for renewable energy solutions which ensures quality and standards of renewable energy certificates.




By understanding how important sustainability was to the client, we enabled them to uphold their reputation as a green/sustainable manufacturing company by enrolling them in a Pure Wind 100%. We were able to provide credible documentation that verifies the sources of our renewable product. With this information and transparency the client was satisfied with the results Agera brought fourth and they were quickly moved to lock-in an electricity rate that met their needs for the next 40 months.






6,000,000 kWh

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