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Delaware Funeral Home with multiple locations has trust in retail energy suppliers and experienced real measurable benefits with Agera.



The Business manager of a Delaware Funeral Home was made to feel skeptical of third party suppliers because they didn’t realize any savings with their previous supplier.




Agera met with the owner and business manager and did a thorough review of what the client was currently paying, and did some investigating into what may have happened with their current supplier.

Ultimately, Agera found that the client was indeed correct. The rate that the client was paying at the time was not competitive with the utilities current pricing and did not reflect the current market conditions. There also was some oversight into the full usage of the clients’ energy and a smaller, second meter at the main facility was not enrolled with the remainder of their book, leaving a large portion of their energy usage on the utility.

After we finalized our research, we then presented our findings to the client our suggestions on how Agera, as a company; and the products they offer are different and how their business would be handled with diligence moving forward.




We then worked with pricing and monitored rates over the next couple weeks. We presented a pricing plan that aggregated the usage from all their facilities and the client found his best option and selected on an 18-month contract.

Since then, the owner has provided referrals to neighboring businesses and a manufacturing facility they felt could use the support and services Agera brings to the table.

The most important services Agera provided with this client is that Agera was able to build trust and knowledge through a personal connection with the client and was able to assuage their fears about the retail energy industry, providing market knowledge and their own dedicated local contact!



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