BRIARCLIFF MANOR, NY [Feb. 23, 2017] – Agera Energy LLC† (“Agera” or the “Company”) is proud to announce it recently surpassed 1.7 million contracted RCE’s* (residential customer equivalents) across the United States in the 16 deregulated markets that it serves.

Agera has grown quickly since it’s inception in 2014 through its strategy of acquiring ESCO’s in key choice markets across the United States, organic sales and channel partner marketing. In fact, Agera recently achieved another milestone of over 1.7 million contracted RCE’s* (residential customer equivalents) through its sales network and targeting of the commercial and industrial vertical markets.

In keeping with the Company’s renewable energy philosophy, they offer Pure Wind, an alternative renewable energy certificate product, as well as, facility LED Retrofitting and are hoping to extend their portfolio of products to more customers, in the coming months. Helping customers make great financial choices for their homes and businesses, as well as one that is beneficial for the environment is one of Agera’s main objectives.

Agera Energy is deeply committed to its community and all of the communities it serves. Through the Agera Cares program, they actively support several organizations including, the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, Hillside Food Bank, The Food Bank for Westchester and the U.S.M.C. Reserve Toys for Tots program in 2016. The Company is actively seeking further involvement with community-based organizations, by giving corporate donations and engaging employees to commit their efforts to help support these organizations.

Agera attributes their continued growth and success to the professional Executive team and dedicated employees that work both in our headquarters and throughout the United States.

About Agera Energy
Agera Energy is an electricity and natural gas supplier providing energy products and solutions to residential, commercial and industrial customers across the United States. Headquartered in Briarcliff Manor, NY, Agera is also an active member within the communities in which their employees work and live.

SOURCE Agera Holdings LLC

†Includes entities and assets acquired by Agera.

*RCE Contracted Remaining – Residential Customer Equivalent based on the remaining contract multiplied by the Annual Historical Usage (HU) as an example: if the customer has 2 years remaining on their contract we calculate as follows ( Contract End Date – Today’s Date)/30 Days Average Month/12 Months Per Year * Annual HU. For Power, we divide Contracted Remaining HU by 10,000 kWh = 1 Contracted RCE Remaining. For Gas, we divide Contracted Remaining HU therms by 1000 = 1 Contracted RCE Remaining. If a contract is <180 Days from Term we assume renewal.